The Entire Eden & Ivy Collection is 20% Off


Looking at the entire Eden & Ivy collection together makes my eyes well up a little. It has never really been a dream of mine to have a clothing line, but I am so thankful that Katie Martinez asked me to partner with her to create Eden & Ivy last year.

I said “yes” to the idea of creating an ethical clothing line because I trust her - she’s been running an ethical clothing company for almost a decade now! And two, I saw a need in my own closet - and the clothing industry as a whole - for affordable fair trade clothing that is not super plain and doesn’t mean sacrificing on style.

It wasn’t until the final Eden & Ivy samples arrived in my mailbox a year later, though, that I really fell in love with this collection, and with this entire idea. My chin hit the floor! They SLAYED these designs! The quality is outstanding, the fit is outstanding, the fabric (95% organic cotton) is gorgeous. As Katie told me more about the women in Nepal who made these clothes in a factory that she co-owns, and how they are survivors of sex trafficking and when taught a valuable life skill like sewing it restores their dignity and gives them hope - I was in SO DEEP. Maybe it sounds funny, but I feel connected to them just by wearing these clothes (which has basically been everyday this summer! I hardly wear anything BUT Eden & Ivy!). It’s an incredible feeling to know who made my clothes and that they were treated fairly, and it’s something I am so glad to feel more often in my closet thanks to this collaboration.

The prices are already fantastic (everything is $38-59), however, Katie is offering a 20% off coupon for one week!! You can use code J20 through August 8th on the entire Eden & Ivy collection, which you can find here.

Thank you for all your support this summer on this collection! I’ve loved seeing your pics on Instagram!
We would love to hear - which item is your favorite?