Introducing Our New Business - Wall Crawl


Joshua & I opened our new business two weeks ago! Wall Crawl is a photo studio concept in downtown Orlando - 4,500 square feet with 20+ “walls” that change seasonally. It’s an amazing place to take family photos, photos for fun, and to play, explore and tap into your creativity. These are just some of the walls - seeing them (video + pics below) might help explain why I kept saying I was so physically tired. 😜 It was a lot of painting and decorating over 3 months, but the laughs and shrieks of joy from people as they walk in the door are totally worth it. If you’ve been reading awhile, then you know how adamant I am that art and beauty matter - they are so important, the antidote to much of the pain we experience in today’s world. (This TED Talk was also a huge inspiration for us.)

There are many stories I’d love to share one day - how we came up with this idea, and why we took such a huge leap despite having no way of knowing what would be waiting for us on the other side. The many, many moments of doubt, wondering what in the world we had gotten ourselves into. The physical tiredness, and the sweetness of joy and assuredness that we were in the right place, that would catch us at the most unlikely moments, and take my breath away. I have never felt more alive - not because of the thankfulness we feel for Wall Crawl’s success so far (and we do!), but because of the spiritual journey leading up to this, that made it possible to enjoy it in such a pure way. Not needing it to be anything other than whatever it becomes, showing up fully but not being invested in any certain outcome and knowing, ultimately, that nothing I do or accomplish defines my worth. It is, simply: ridiculously, over-the-top FUN. And I’m just thankful to be along for the ride! xoxo, J.

Click to watch the video!

[ Want to see more? There’s another video here. ]