Today's Everyday Fashion: 16 Fall/Winter Outfits I'm Wearing Again

Most of the time, putting together outfits is so much fun! But then there are those other times... when life happens. And you get hit with whirlwind of adulting and commitments and responsibilities and you find yourself without a single moment to spare for things like brushing your hair properly, let alone dressing yourself in a fun or creative way. That's when I resort to one of my favorite "tricks" (sarcasm because it's literally just a normal thing humans do), which is repeating an outfit I liked last fall/winter. No re-styling, no switching things up; just pulling out that same outfit and wearing it again, the exact same way. That's life for me right now (in the last 3 days I did 10 radio interviews, a TV segment, spent 8 hours driving, had food poisoning, a dog emergency, and co-hosted a baby shower). Looking back at outfits from last fall/winter is so inspiring though, it's already getting the creative juices flowing again. I can't wait to repeat these favorites as temperatures drop as well as develop some new ones!