Today's Everyday Fashion: The Concert Tee Debate

Concert tee, ankle boots, denim shorts
Concert tee, western belt, denim shorts
Concert tee, ankle boots, denim shorts
Concert tee, western belt, denim shorts
Inspiration: Margo Robbie via Mega

Inspiration: Margo Robbie via Mega


It's a long-debated topic: is it okay to wear a t-shirt with a band you don't regularly listen to on it? Or one that's touting a subculture you don't otherwise engage in, like Star Trek, Disney, Harley, etc.? Up until now, I've been wearing whatever band t-shirt I want thankyouverymuch, so I found this recent article "Opinion: Stop Making Metal a Fashion Statement" fascinating. Like the title suggests, the author would absolutely like you to stop wearing said t-shirts if you didn't go to the concert or buy the album. However...

  • Even if you purchase a band t-shirt from a store like Forever 21, that band is still getting a royalty. So technically you are showing support and respect for that artist, right? And is buying a t-shirt that's merely suggestive of rock or metal, then, better or worse than wearing a genuine logo?
  • Should personal style be treated differently than other "arts"? For example, are you expected to have in-depth of knowledge of the culture surrounding the food you are eating and preparing, or can you feel free to dabble with any flavor or recipes? 
  • Should curiosity of subcultures be encouraged as a positive thing, or is all-or-nothing loyalty required to participate? When I consider someone wearing something that represents a subculture that I belong to or follow (the popularity of the shape of a cross, for example), as long as they aren't making fun of it, I would be happy and would encourage healthy exploration. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I clearly enjoy a good band t-shirt (other looks I've done with them here, herehere and here) and would wear today's look for a concert or an outdoor event!

Top: H&M, $19 (similar below)
Shorts: American Eagle, $38
Belt: Forever 21, $9 (similar, similar, similar)
Boots: Stitch Fix c/o (same)
Hat: boutique c/o, $7 (similar)
Purse: Michael Kors/Macy's, $270 (similar)
Approx. dates: Purse is 4 years ago. Boots, hat, top are last year. Shorts are 6 months ago.

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